Cyber Attack


The most powerful computer in the world has been stolen – recover it before it is used for dark purposes!


spieler2-5  / team 4-10



A dead secret carrier, missing documents – and a shady casino with a vault holding important documents!



alien grill


An abandoned diner in the desert in Nevada – just a fake? Is it true that an UFO once crashed here? …and now radiation spikes…





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Illuminati Escape
Abbestraße 17
yard right hand, 3rd Floor
10587 Berlin Charlottenburg
phone +(49)30 54810527

Public transport:
U2 to Ernst-Reuter-Platz
BUS 245 to Marchbrücke
BUS 101 to Guerickestreet

contact us:

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2 player 68€
3 player 84€
4 player 100€
5 player 115€
6 player 129€

Opening hours

Wednesday – Sunday

11am to 9pm

Additional information

For Cyber Attack in Team Challenge mode please book both Cyber Attack rooms at the same time.

Please be on time and plan
90 minutes for the whole event.

For short term bookings or larger team events call us: 030 54810527 or contact us with the contact form.

Plan what to see in Berlin with an itinerary including Illuminati Escape – Live Escape Game Berlin


Excellent and fun
4 middle aged Irish men who mean up once a year, chose Berlin as this years destination and with a bit of time to kill decided to give Illuminati escape a go, and it was well worth it. Owners were extremely friendly and helpful (reassuring that not being able to speak German was not a hindrance!). Very professional set up with wide variety of puzzles to stretch the brain with many requiring teamwork to solve. Would highly recommend with no hesitation and you never know, that if back in Berlin in the future, maybe we will do another room!

The_Lough, Trip Advisor

Super interesting, exciting, and intriguing! Strongly recommend to everyone who is looking for some riddles and adventures!

Oleksandr, Google

Notable Escape Room in Berlin, Germany
This is my fifth escape room visit, and the second in Berlin. The Illuminati Escape game is new but feels already sophisticated with a variety of challenges. We managed it just in time using our previous experience, but the game master is helping out when you go down the wrong path. There are two rooms (we did Cyber), and two more are coming up around the same topic, so there is an overarching story. Got a nice photo at the end. Overall great design, we had a blast and could rely on the staff to direct us afterward to pubs in the area to celebrate!

Berlin Enjoy voted Jackpot s the best Escape Room in Berlin!!!
Berlin Enjoy, Berlin Enjoy

…the robustness of the puzzle design and the cool set will give you plenty to enjoy

We played both of their currently open games, Jackpot and Cyber Attack, which were beautifully created, logical experiences…

Overall, we had a blast and can’t wait to come back later in 2018 to check out the others rooms


Illuminati Escape is located on the second floor of a factory building. Unfortunately, there is no elevator. So you should be able to climb stairs, but other than that, no climbing or crawling is required and you also do not need to lift heavy weights.

NO! For the first generation Escape Rooms, the goal was actually to escape from the rooms – hence the name. But today it’s no longer about escaping, it’s about solving missions, such as getting documents from a safe in the Macao casino. You can leave the rooms during the mission at any time without the help of the Gamemaster.

In Germany, there are extensive fire protection regulations for Escape Rooms, which are also checked by publicly appointed experts. These require, for example, that there is an emergency exit in addition to the main entrance. In Illuminati Escape, the emergency exit leads to separate staircase independent of the main entrance. The way there is marked with numerous signs, which are also visible in case of power failure. Of course, several fire extinguishers are also part of the equipment. Since the players are never locked in the rooms, they can go to the exits at any time.

All our games are available in German and English.

You can bring as many players as you can see in the room descriptions.
If you paid in advance, you can pay for the additional players on site.

Sure, of course. The vouchers are not tied to rooms.
You can buy the voucher in the online shop for any number of participants.
If then one or more players are added, you pay only the difference to the voucher.
However, the number of participants specified in the room descriptions must not be exceeded.

Before the game starts, you will receive a 10-minute introduction to your game.
The effective playing time in your booked room is a maximum of 60 minutes.
Since we also take pictures of the teams after the game and talk about the experience, you should schedule another 15 minutes.

For larger groups there is also the possibility to book outside of our opening hours.
Just call us and we’ll see how we can implement your desired date. phone: +(49)30 54810527 (daily from 11am to 8pm).

Sure! Call us: +(49)30 54810527 (daily from 11am to 8pm).

Our rooms are suitable for players over the age of 15 who enjoy puzzles, are curious and would like to play in a team an exciting adventure.
For children below this age limit (minimum age 8), the accompaniment of an adult is required.

Cancellations can only be made by phone +(49)30 54810527 or the contact form and are free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the game.
After that the full game price is calculated and vouchers lose their validity, as the room is blocked for the game.
This is also the case if you do not show up for the game on time or at all.

The booking process takes only a few steps. First click on the “book” button and select the desired day in the calendar:
Based on the different colors you can recognize the free slots.
After selecting the time please specify how many people want to play and whether the game should be in German or English.
Select the desired method of payment in the shopping basket and then fill out the contact form and send it. That’s it!
You will receive a confirmation email after the booking.

After a brief introduction, your game master will accompany you into the booked room.
The game starts a few seconds after closing the door and then you have 60 minutes to complete the mission.
The game master will support you with hints whenever you are stuck in the game.
The game master will monitor you with cameras and microphones and always know the status of the game.
In case of any incident, we are immediately on site.
It is generally not necessary to use force or to do sports.
The exit doors are not locked during the game and you can leave the room at any time.
The game rooms are equipped with a ventilation system, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting and comply with legal standards.
After the game the game master will take a team photo for you, which we will print and also send via email.

The time specified in the order confirmation is the beginning of the introduction. If you have chosen on-site payment, you should be a little bit earlier.

You book a mission for your team only. We do not mix teams. There are no other players with you in the same room.

All missions need well trained agents, that have fun in solving puzzles and riddles.
Cyber Attack is a bit more technical and you should not be afraid of pushing a button here and there, but you do not be a computer scientist.
Jackpot has no dark or tight places, but it is not the easiest of our missions. You should have fun in solving puzzles.
In any case you always have a game master on your side who supports you with our  text messaging system all the time.