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Looking for an Escape Room in Berlin with sophisticated puzzles and the very special adrenaline kick? Our elaborately designed Exit Games demand everything from you - highest concentration, creativity and cleverness! Do you have what it takes to beat the mightiest secret society in the world?

The top Escape Rooms in Berlin are Illuminati Escape and The Room, according to Trip Advisor!

Our Exit Games - Your Mission!

All missions of our escape games in Berlin can be played with a minimum of two people. Or invite more friends – we can accommodate teams up to ten players. They are all connected by a common theme - the fight against the Illuminati. But all are completely different and can be played in any order!
Would you like to play as a couple or are you looking to book an escape room for a team event? Come to our headquarters in Berlin and show your skills!

Berlin Enjoy has voted the room Jackpot as the best Escape Room in Berlin!

New: Safe House – the Outdoor Escape Game in Berlin!

Escape Room Jackpot

Ocean's Eleven

A dead secret courier, missing documents – and a shady casino with a vault holding an important document!
This Escape Room is quite tricky! Can you concentrate if the Illuminati are already close behind you? Let's find it out!

Escape Room Jackpot

Escape Room Alien Grill

Area 51

An abandoned diner in the desert in Nevada – just a fake? Is it true that an UFO once crashed here? And now these radiation spikes…
Find out what's really going on in the Area 51. This escape room glows with high tech in the Nevada desert

Escape Room Alien Grill

Escape Room Cyber Attack


The most powerful computer in the world has been stolen – recover it before it is used for dark purposes!
The Escape Room Cyber ​​Attack adapts automatically its level of difficulty. It is a great mission to start the live as an agent. But also experienced players will be challenged to come back with the quantum computer.

Escape Room Cyber Attack

Outdoor Escape Game

Outdoor Escape Game: Safe House

Outdoor Escape Game

An escape room in Berlin playing outside? Yes - find the secret shelter of the Illuminati in Berlin! For our outdoor escape game you are equipped with a tablet and your mobile phones. On the way to the Safe House you have to solve our usual sophisticated puzzles. Are you ready for what awaits you at the end of the approximately 2.5 km long trek?

Escape Room Safe House

Challenge Mode for 2 Teams

You are too many for one mission or you just like to compete against each other in two teams? Then these missions are the right choice for you:

Team Challenge Cyber Attack


The most powerful computer in the world has been stolen – recover it before it is used for dark purposes!
The Escape Room Cyber ​​Attack is great for team events. One of the few Escape Rooms in Berlin, where two teams (2-5 players per team) can compete against each other!

Escape Room Cyber Attack

Team Challenge Safe House

Outdoor Escape Game

A team challenge in Berlin playing outside? Yes - find the secret shelter of the Illuminati in Berlin! Compete in two teams, equipped with a tablet and your mobile phones, to find the secret shelter. Are you ready for what awaits you at the end of the approximately 2.5 km long trek?

Outdoor Escape Game Safe House

How it works

Your Mission

You will bring nothing in, but the mission will be filled with useful and sometimes irrelevant objects.

The Clock Is Ticking…

Can you puzzle your way to the intriguing conclusion and fulfill the mission in 60 minutes?

Feel The Atmosphere

The mission is built to create an authentic experience with a fun atmosphere and strict attention to detail.


4 middle aged Irish men who mean up once a year, chose Berlin as this years destination and with a bit of time to kill decided to give Illuminati escape a go, and it was well worth it. Owners were extremely friendly and helpful (reassuring that not being able to speak German was not a hindrance!). Very professional set up with wide variety of puzzles to stretch the brain with many requiring teamwork to solve. Would highly recommend with no hesitation and you never know, that if back in Berlin in the future, maybe we will do another room!
Super interesting, exciting, and intriguing! Strongly recommend to everyone who is looking for some riddles and adventures!
This is my fifth escape room visit, and the second in Berlin. The Illuminati Escape game is new but feels already sophisticated with a variety of challenges. We managed it just in time using our previous experience, but the game master is helping out when you go down the wrong path. There are two rooms (we did Cyber), and two more are coming up around the same topic, so there is an overarching story. Got a nice photo at the end. Overall great design, we had a blast and could rely on the staff to direct us afterward to pubs in the area to celebrate!


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Escape Room Berlin – How smart are you?

People have always been fascinated by riddles and secrets. Initially the game concept of Escape Rooms, also called Live Escape Games or Exit Games, comes from the genre of adventure computer games. The goal of an escape room was originally to leave a place where you are trapped, by solving puzzles in a given time. Since then, the meaning of the term is wider to include all kinds of challenge rooms.

Illuminati Escape turns you into secret agents who have a mission to accomplish. For this you need to not only to find keys and numerical codes in the rooms to open locks. The puzzles challenge you on many levels and build on each other. To solve them in just 60 minutes, you need everything your mind has to offer: Sharp observation, logical thinking, stress resistance, communication and teamwork. The trick of successful playing Escape Games is teamwork. You have no chance if you go alone! Only those who manage to combine their skills as a group will be able to complete the mission.

Our missions are filled with tricky tasks and puzzles. If it’s the first time you play an Escape Room Adventure, the many puzzles can overwhelm you. Do not worry, our mission control will not let you down. With cameras and microphones in the rooms we monitor you on your adventure. Should you get stuck in a task, mission control will provide helpful advice for your mission. Our ultimate goal is that your visit to our Escape Rooms will be a great experience for you!

Outdoor mission

New this year: You can also book an outdoor escape game with us. The Safe House mission seamlessly integrates with our other Illuminati adventures. If you have already played some Escape Games in Berlin, the Outdoor Escape Game is a new variant that is also suitable for single players. Fileld with unusual tasks you can go with friends or alone to find the Safe House of the Illuminati. Of course, if you get stuck, there are live clues here to help you. For this mission you should plan about 90 minutes.

Who can play in our escape rooms?

Our exit games are suitable for anyone who wants to try to be a secret agent.
Friends, colleagues or families: team up for the mission!

Escape Room for beginners

There’s always a first time! Our rooms offer you puzzles, challenges, action and pure excitement for an hour. Our well designed missions work without horror elements or claustrophobic spaces. As an introduction we would like to recommend our Escape Room Jackpot , which was voted by many players as the best Escape Room in Berlin!

Escape Room for two

Our rooms can all be played with two persons. As a team of two, you have the advantage of being able to work closely together. Both know what the other one is doing and you can better coordinate your actions. But you have to be fast! Fewer people means everyone has to solve more puzzles on their own!

Escape Activities for large teams

For groups up to 8 players we recommend our Outdoor Escape Game . This escape game takes place outside. If you'd rather play inside, try Cyber ​​Attack . This mission is available twice! In teams of up to 5 players you can compete against each other. Thus up to 10 players experience an exciting adventure at the same time.

Escape Room as team event

Playing an Exit Game is the ultimate team event! Here you are dependent on each other and everyone works towards the same goal: To save the world from an evil secret society. What could be better for teambuilding? Escape games require efficient communication of players. Activities must be smartly coordinated. Clues and ideas must be quickly exchanged in a concise manner, evaluated by the team and acted upon. For larger groups up to 10 players we recommend our mission Cyber ​​Attack , which can be played in two rooms at the same time. Of course you can also book all our rooms at the same time and play with up to 22 players.

Escape Room with children

If your are 15 years old you can play our rooms independently. Accompanied by adults, our rooms are suitable for children 10 years and older.

Escape Room in English

You can play all our escape games in German or English.

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