After the suicide of a NASA researcher, your team reveals his personal tragedy:
he had an addiction for gambling and was blackmailed by the dark Illuminati. His only way out was to hand over the blueprints for the top secret quantum computer. But, even that did not help him. When he was caught, he saw only one way out.
There is nothing we can change about this. You can only do one thing:
recover the plans before the Illuminati move them out of the casino in Macao!
They will probably do that as soon as they learn of the suicide. You have exactly one hour before the news report about the suicide. One hour to find the vault, crack it and get out of the casino again…


 2 to 6 player

Jackpot is a casino full of secrets and adventure. Up to 6 players are needed to complete the mission. The mission does not have dark or tight areas, so it is a good choice for everyone who likes a nice setup and challenging puzzles.