Outdoor Escape Game Safe House
Outdoor Escape Game Safe House
Outdoor Escape Game Safe House
Outdoor Escape Game Safe House

Safe House

Outdoor Escape Game

Outdoor Escape Game

You like Escape Games, but during the summer you like it better to be outdoors? Then we have the right mission for you - checkout Safe House - our Outdoor Escape Game.


The Illuminanti have found us! One of their agents has installed a bomb at our headquarters! Find the secret safe house where the bomb was built and get all the information you need to defuse it.
The bomb is ticking - hurry up ...

Outdoor Escape Game Details

Safe House leads you on a round track about 2.5km (2 miles) starting at our mission control in Berlin. Up to 32 players can be involved to solve all the puzzles and riddles on the way. Everyone who has fun in an outdoor adventure can play this game. The tour is also well suited for families.

also available as 2 team battle mode

Which team has the fastest thinker. Who can solve the riddles first and find the Safe House. Start a challenge with multiple teams from 2 to 8 players each (up to 32 players total). Just select the two team mode option when selecting the amount of players during the booking. Please contact us, if you are more then 16 players.

Get the app

Safe House and Skywatch are the only real multiplayer Outdoor Escape Games in Berlin.
You will get one iPad for the mission from our agency, but every player can install the app on their mobile and participate in the puzzles - all in parallell.

The Illuminati tried to disguise the app as a simple chess program.
But they can not fool us!

Get it on Google Play direkter apk download

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cost 1 team

1 player80€
2 player80€
3 player90€
4 player100€
5 player110€
6 player120€
7 player130€
8 player140€

cost 2 teams

2 vs 2 player160€
2 vs 3 player170€
3 vs 3 player180€
3 vs 4 player190€
4 vs 4 player200€
4 vs 5 player210€
5 vs 5 player220€
5 vs 6 player230€
6 vs 6 player240€
6 vs 7 player250€
7 vs 7 player260€
7 vs 8 player270€
8 vs 8 player280€

Safe House FAQs

If you do not find your answer here, have a look at our main FAQs or contact us.

Are we there yet?

Just 15 more minutes, then ask again....

Can I stay inside?

Hmmm, we can offer you these special Inside-Outdoor-Missions: Alien Grill, Cyber Attack, Jackpot and Titanik 2.0.

Can I keep my mobile?

Actually this is the only mission where you can! In fact you can even download the app and use the mobile during the mission. Just make sure it is fully charged.

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