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online escape game
online escape game

Online Escape Game

The Artefact

Da Vinci Code

Salt Lake City/USA

The mission center in Berlin has received information that the Illuminati are conducting experiments with an ancient artifact in Salt Lake City, USA. Your mission is to find the artifact and bring it to Berlin.

When you arrive in Salt Lake City, you stay in a small guesthouse opposite the suspicious Illuminati hideout.
After a few days you have drawn up a schedule of the residents:
Everyone has left the house by 12 noon at the latest and nobody returns before 2 p.m. This gives you a time window of 2 hours for the job, that has to be enough! The next day at 12 noon the time has come - you start your mission ...

About the game

  • The mission "The Artifact" is an online escape game. It is not an escape room in the classic sense such as Jackpot
  • "The Artifact" can be played with any web browser (Javascript must be activated).
  • We recommend a device like a laptop or tablet to play with.
  • After purchasing you will receive a code for the game.
  • Any number of players can play a game together with one code. The code can be used on any number of devices at the same time.
  • All players / web browsers are synchronized in the game, which means that every action is taken for all players. So it's best to have a Skype / Discord (or something similar) conference in parallell.
  • The game is available in English and German language. You can switch the language anytime during the game. You can even have mixed languages/players playing the same game on different devices.
Age rating:
We didn't add any horror elements to the game. Every child who enjoys puzzling can help to complete the mission.

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The Artefact FAQs

If you can't find your answer here, take a look at our general FAQs or contact us.

How many players is the game suitable for??

We recommend a team size of 2 to 4 players. In principle, any number of players are possible. If you are alone, more time is needed, in a larger group not everyone may be able to contribute to the puzzles.

What if we don't finish in 2 hours?

Then you won't make it home. No - your game code remains valid and you can play the game until the end.

Are there more online escape games from Illuminati Escape?

"The Artifact" is the only game of its kind so far.

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