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Somewhere in the Caribbean

The Illuminati have kidnapped the brilliant researcher Rupert J. Maddox and are leaving the country on a ship. In the wrong hands his knowledge is extremely dangerous.
Your mission is to release him before all trace of him is lost forever. But, the Illuminati have learned that you are coming to rescue him and they would rather sink the ship in the Caribbean Sea with him on board than allow you to rescue him.
The other passengers were evacuated, but you still have a job: find Maddox, free him and escape the sinking ship.
You have 60 minutes before the ship goes down. If you fail, everything will look like an accident and the conspirators will get away with it.
Will you manage to solve the puzzles and eliminate the obstacles that prevent you from freeing Maddox before it is too late?


 5 to 12 player

There is not much room on the ship. If you do not like small rooms the mission Jackpot may be the better option for you…

Coming end of 2019