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Alien Grill

In the desert of Nevada/USA


For years rumours circulated that travellers disappear in the desert of Nevada. Investigations have been unsuccessful - except for a small diner there is nothing unusual about this patch on the earth.

The famous inventor of the quantum computer, who was regularly traveling in this area, disappeared. Your mission is to find out what is going on there. There is reason enough to look at the small diner once more. After all, it is said that in this area a UFO once crashed. Is there any truth behind it?


2 - 6 players


60 minutes



Your suspicions have been confirmed: the small diner in the desert of Nevada is more than you suspect at first sight! There is a reason why travellers have disappeared again and again - they had suspected that there was something wrong with the diner. Because the diner is not a real restaurant, but only a cover for the top-secret research station! The real puzzle began in the desert station. What was developed there, and above all: when? Apparently, a good part of our current technology comes from this lab - but looks like the lab always was at least twenty years ahead. And then your team solved the riddle - behind the diner hidden in the mountain, the wreck of a crashed spaceship was found.

Technology that goes far beyond our current knowledge. Nothing was really invented here; alien technology was only researched and reproduced! The highlight of this technology theft was the quantum computer. In this lab, the brilliant scientist Rupert J. Maddox discovered the base technology for the supercomputer, which can crack all the codes on earth. Anyone who has the quantum computer can uncover any secret or blackmail any superpower in the world...

The development of the quantum computer was the beginning of the end for the research lab because it attracted the attention of the dark Illuminati. They kidnapped Maddox, stole the prototype, and mined the lab to prevent anyone else from recovering its secrets. With the destruction of the lab it is now assured that no one else can rebuild the work of Maddox. But the world is not safe yet. Only when the scientist is rescued, the prototype of the quantum computer is secured and the plans for its construction are destroyed then the Illuminati are defeated.

opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 9pm

2 player68€
3 player84€
4 player100€
5 player115€
6 player129€

Family discount: 2 adults can bring one aditional kid for free (upto 14y)
e.g. 2 adults and 2 kids pay for 3 players


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