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Cyber Attack



The quantum computer is the most powerful computer in the world. So far, there is only one prototype. In the wrong hands, its computing performance is enough to gain world domination. Of course, it was bound to happen: the prototype was stolen. The dark Illuminati are only one hour away from uncovering every secret of the world and thus being able to blackmail anyone...

... unless your team succeeds in recovering the device! The agency located the computer in Omsk. The Illuminati have escaped as your helicopter approached, but that does not solve your problem because the computer continues to work. Relentless. In sixty minutes it will have cracked all the codes. Will you solve the riddles and defuse the traps that keep you from stopping the quantum computer?


2 - 5 players


Team Challenge
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4 - 10 players


60 minutes




A computer is best hidden between many other computers. For the prototype of the most powerful computer in the world, there is no better hiding place than a computer store in Russia - right?

At least, this was the idea of the Illuminati when they stole the quantum computer developed by Rupert Maddox. A simple computer store as a cover for the special quantum computer laboratory.

The prototype had already started its work when your team discovered the hiding place. The Illuminati had fled when you came - and yet they were close to their goal: the quantum computer had started its work. Only sixty minutes before it would crack all the passwords of the world's rulers. Sixty minutes, until every government on the earth could be blackmailed by the Illuminati. Sixty minutes to the end of the free world!

The escape of the Illuminati was not helpful. If your team would have caught them, then they could have told you how to get into the secret lab and shut down the quantum computer. So your team had to find everything by themselves. The Illuminati have relied on their puzzles and traps to slow you down for at least an hour, which they still needed...

They were wrong. Your team cracked the puzzles and stopped the computer before it finished its work. It is thanks to you we can continue to live in freedom without being manipulated by dark conspirators!

However, recovering the prototype is not everything. If the Illuminati succeed in building a second device, the disaster will continue. Still many questions have to be solved in order to prevent this: Where is Rupert J. Maddox, the inventor of the quantum computer? Where are the blueprints? Where did Maddox get the ideas for the device - a technique that is far more evolved than anything today?

If the Illuminati get their hands on only one of these, they have won. And, you can rely on them to try. Your team still has to complete a couple of missions before this case is finally solved!

opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 9pm

2 player68€
3 player84€
4 player100€
5 player115€
6 player129€

Family discount: 2 adults can bring one aditional kid for free (upto 14y)
e.g. 2 adults and 2 kids pay for 3 players


For short term reservations or team events
please call: (+49)30 54810527
or EMail info@illuminati-escape.com

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Abbestr. 17
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