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 Decembre 2017 




After the suicide of a NASA researcher, your team reveals his personal tragedy: he had an addiction for gambling and was blackmailed by the dark Illuminati. His only way out was to hand over the blueprints for the top secret quantum computer. But, even that did not help him. When he was caught, he saw only one way out.

There is nothing we can change about this. You can only do one thing: recover the plans before the Illuminati move them out of the casino in Macao! They will probably do that as soon as they learn of the suicide. You have exactly one hour before the news report about the suicide. One hour to find the vault, crack it and get out of the casino again...


2 - 6 players


60 minutes




Jonathan Frell is dead - suicide. But, why did the NASA engineer commit suicide? He seemed to have everything one could wish for: family, prosperity and the most exciting job imaginable. Together, with Rupert J. Maddox, he worked on the top-secret quantum computer, which can crack every password on the earth.

So why did Jonathan Frell shoot himself? Immediately after the discovery of the corpse, your team started the investigation and the results were crushing. Frell had an addiction for gambling that he paid for with state secrets. When his boss confronted him, he saw no way out and committed suicide.

But, bad news rarely travel alone. The casino in Macao, in which Frell used to gamble, belongs to the Illuminati - and Frell carried the design plans for the quantum computer into their casino. With the device, the conspirators can attack every superpower on the earth. It is clear: the blueprints could not remain in their hands!

Only a super-fast mission could save the free world: your team had to retrieve the plans from the casino before the Illuminati moved them to a different location. There was not much time - the press had already learned about the suicide. Only one hour remained before the news came on TV. One hour to find one of the safest vaults in the world...

It was tight, but you did it! At least, the Illuminati can no longer do any harm with the construction plans. However, the world is still in danger. Only if Frell's research partner Maddox is safe and the stolen prototype of the quantum computer is found, the world can be safe again. There is also the question of how Maddox and Frell came up with their ideas - ideas that are far ahead of mankind's knowledge. The research for the quantum computer cannot fall into other hands if the threat is to be eliminated once and for all. There is still a lot of work ahead of you!

opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 9pm

2 player68€
3 player84€
4 player100€
5 player115€
6 player129€

Family discount: 2 adults can bring one aditional kid for free (upto 14y)
e.g. 2 adults and 2 kids pay for 3 players


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