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Titanik 2.0

Somewhere in the Caribbean


The Illuminati have kidnapped the brilliant researcher Rupert J. Maddox and are leaving the country on a ship. In the wrong hands his knowledge is extremely dangerous.

Your mission is to release him before all trace of him is lost forever. But, the Illuminati have learned that you are coming to rescue him and they would rather sink the ship in the Caribbean Sea with him on board than allow you to rescue him.

The other passengers were evacuated, but you still have a job: find Maddox, free him and escape the sinking ship. You have 60 minutes before the ship goes down. If you fail, everything will look like an accident and the conspirators will get away with it.

Will you manage to solve the puzzles and eliminate the obstacles that prevent you from freeing Maddox before it is too late?


2 - 5 players


Team Challenge
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4 - 10 players


60 minutes




Rupert J. Maddox has succeeded in what many computer experts in the world can only dream of: he has developed a working quantum computer that outshines the computing power of all the computers developed so far on our planet. The machine can crack any possible code!

The Illuminati want to secure this power and also the genius behind the development. They kidnapped Maddox and wanted to escape on a ship. The plan failed; you were sent as a rescue team. But, the Illuminati are not defeated that easily. If they cannot own Maddox's knowledge, no one else should have it. They'd rather see the computer expert dead than free.

To avoid official investigations, Maddox's death should look like an accident: the only passenger on board of the Mary Rose that could not be saved. And when the rescue team dies while trying to help him, even better!

However, the Illuminati clearly underestimated your team. You have solved all the puzzles they used to slow you down. Against all odds Rupert J. Maddox was rescued and, in a dramatic finale, you have managed to escape from the sinking ship in the Caribbean Sea.

The Mary Rose may now rest at the bottom of the sea. However, Maddox lives and is free. He will not build quantum computers for the Illuminati and his knowledge can help you against the Illuminati.

The Illuminati still exist.Now the inventor of the of the quantum computer is on your side, but the world is only safe when the prototype of the computer was found when the stolen blueprints were retrieved, and when the secret research station was discovered and secured!

There are still a couple of missions waiting for your team!

opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 9pm

2 player68€
3 player84€
4 player100€
5 player115€
6 player129€

Family discount: 2 adults can bring one aditional kid for free (upto 14y)
e.g. 2 adults and 2 kids pay for 3 players


For short term reservations or team events
please call: (+49)30 54810527
or EMail info@illuminati-escape.com

Illuminati Escape Berlin
Abbestr. 17, 10587 Berlin, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
U2 Ernst-Reuter-Platz, near by S+U Zoologischer Garten


Abbestr. 17
10587 Berlin
Tel. 030 54810527

Note: There is lots of parking place at the weekend, but during the week you should calculate in some time to find a parking place.


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