Escape Room Alien Grill
Escape Room Alien Grill
Escape Room Alien Grill
Escape Room Alien Grill

Alien Grill

Area 51

A desert in Nevada/US

For years rumours circulated that something mysterious is ongoing in the desert of Nevada. Investigations have been unsuccessful – except for a small diner, a lost place, there is nothing unusual about this patch on the earth. The famous inventor of the quantum computer, who was regularly traveling in this area, disappeared.

Your mission is to find out what is going on there. There is reason enough to look at the small diner once more. After all, it is said that in this area a UFO once crashed. Is there any truth behind it?

Alien Grill FAQs

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Is it ok that I glow in the dark since the mission?

Yep, that is totally normal ,-)

Are there really Aliens?

Good question! May be you find the answer during the mission.

I know Men in Black and Star Wars. Is this enough for a reference?

Perfect! You are our #1 choice for the mission. Apply immediately!

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