Escape Room Cyber Attack
Escape Room Cyber Attack
Escape Room Cyber Attack
Escape Room Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack

2-5 / 2-5


The quantum computer is the most powerful computer in the world. So far, there is only one prototype. In the wrong hands, its computing performance is enough to gain world domination. Of course, it was bound to happen:
the prototype was stolen. The dark Illuminati are only one hour away from uncovering every secret of the world and thus being able to blackmail anyone…
… unless your team succeeds in recovering the device!

The agency located the computer in Omsk. The Illuminati have escaped as your helicopter approached, but that does not solve your problem because the computer continues to work. Relentless. In sixty minutes it will have cracked all the codes.
Will you solve the riddles and defuse the traps that keep you from stopping the quantum computer?

Adapts level of difficulty

Cyber Attack adapts its level of difficulty automatically. The mission is perfect to start your life as an agent - but it can also offer quite some challenges for experienced agents.

also as versus game

You can book both Cyber Attack missions and play in two teams (2-5 player each).

Cyber Attack FAQs

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The computer store looks really old. Where is the high tech?

We believe that the store is just the secret entrance to a high tech lab. Unfortunately so far no agent returned from the mission to confirm this :-(

Quantum computer, what is this?

A quantum computer is a super sophisticated computer that can do multiple things at the same time. It needs to be stopped before it can connect to the Internet.

I have no idea about computers, can I still play this mission?

If you are able to handle a mobile phone, you are computer expert enough for this mission.

Is Cyber Attack suited for my childrens birthday party?

The puzzles and riddles in Cyber Attack are very challenging. Therefore all players need to be 15y or older to play the game.

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