Escape Room Jackpot
Escape Room Jackpot
Escape Room Jackpot
Escape Room Jackpot


Ocean's Eleven


A NASA researcher had an addiction for gambling and was tricked by the dark Illuminati:
He lost the blueprints for the top secret quantum computer in a game in the casino.

There is nothing we can change about this. You can only do one thing:
recover the plans before the Illuminati move them out of the casino in Macao!
They will arrive at the casino in one hour. You have exactly one hour left. One hour to find the vault, crack it and get out of the casino…


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Escape Room in Berlin!
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a blast

Overall, we had a blast and can’t wait to come back later to check out the others rooms
the whole story

like a movie

Once inside the game, the beauty we’d seen at the entrance continued, with a variety of furniture and decoration that conveyed the high-rolling Chinese theme of the story. More...

Jackpot FAQs

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Is there a dress code?

Nope. You will sneak into the casino when no one is there. Just make sure you wear comfortable cloth so that you can flee in time.

What happens if we can not escape in time?

For sure this is totally harmless. Please wait - we still try to contact the last team that we lost in China....

I can not speak Chinese. Can I still play the Jackpot mission?

你不需要说中文 :-)
The Jackpot mission plays in Macao, China. But don't be afraid, you will not be in contact with any locals. All information in the casino will be available in German and English.

Is Jackpot suited for my childrens birthday party?

The puzzles and riddles in Jackpot are very challenging. Therefore all players need to be 15y or older to play the game.

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